Dragon Images, with a trajectory of more than fifteen years, has become one of the most important photographic agencies of Colombia and Latin America.

After hundreds of campaigns run under our brand, we have built memorable experiences through captured images by the best photographers in the region. With quality as an indelible stamp of our work, we touch a nerve of thousands of people through different means of communication.


We have in our team some of the most brilliant photographers of the Latin American industry. We feel deeply proud to build dreams with each of them in the numerous commercial campaigns carried out throughout of our history.


Hand in hand with an exceptional human talent, Dragon Images will continue to prevail in the Latin American commercial industry as the most prolific and proactive photographic agency in the market.

Next our team of photographers. Select an image to link directly with the photographer. To contact Dragon Images, write to José Fernando Mafla:

For more information, please call to (571) 7735378. Calle 62  # 3 - 36, Bogotá, Colombia.

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